With beautiful decorations everywhere, travel plans, last minute shopping and lots of events going on, we need not announce that the holiday season is here as we can all feel the aura of the festive period in the atmosphere. Without a doubt, there will never be a better season to be joyous and full of good cheer. But while greens and reds make such great companions in this festive season, one would never think migraines and holiday will make such great couples. But unfortunately, that’s the reality. The holiday season comes with many migraine triggers. But hey!! Don’t be dismayed dear migraineurs. By following these guidelines, you can prevent migraines from ruining your holiday.

Get more sleep  – The holiday comes with a lot of events that will most likely alter your sleep schedule. And as we all know, not getting some shut-eye in good quantity and quality is a major trigger for migraines. Consequently, it will do you a lot of good to reconsider staying up late with friends to avoid the morning after severe headache. You should also work into your schedule, time for relaxation and exercise.

Your Diet Matters – It’s the holiday season and we certainly won’t be judging you for indulging in your cravings. It’s a period even the diabetics will break their sugar intake limit. But who can blame anyone?! It’s indeed a period to be merry. Yet your health matters. For people in constant battle with migraines, you’ll be better off avoiding caffeine, processed meat, foods containing MSG and Tyramine which can be found in nuts and aged cheese.

Be cautious of scents – From the aroma of homemade holiday delicacies to the smell of fresh pine, there are myriad of scents in the holiday period that trigger migraines. You should also be wary of scented candles or perfumes that are used in homes or public places as they may act as irritants that will trigger your migraine.

Light is an issue – For every migraineur, saying, ‘there’s light at the end of the tunnel’ is not in any way a good motivation. Because come migraines, come sensitivity to light. And at times, flashing lights, glares from the snow, or the ornaments on decorations are just about enough to trigger migraines. Thus, staring at bright lights for long should be avoided. You can also use simple decorations, invest in shades, antiglare or photochromic glasses.

Go easy on the liquor – Sure, it might be hard to totally abstain from taking alcohol during the holiday season, but you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice if you drink it in excess. Regular folks get hangovers from excessive drinking, you can then imagine your chances of not having a massive migraine as a migraineur. So turn to non-alcoholic beverages as alternatives, take more water and stay hydrated. It’s also important that you avoid red wine as it contains amino acids that trigger migraines.

Plan ahead – The need to plan ahead can’t be overemphasized as it’s your best bet at avoiding getting stressed. You should plan to have your shopping done early enough and most importantly not during the busy period to reduce stress and anxiety which are primary triggers of migraines. Travel plans should be made early enough as well. Plus, it’s imperative that you don’t forget to take your drugs along with you if you’ll be traveling. You can also make a list of known migraine triggers that you feel must have affected you in the past. So that you can avoid them. By planning well for the holiday season you’re already on the path to having a migraine-free holiday.

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