TMJ headacheWe’ve all been there before—that nagging headache that causes a throbbing pain in your head. With several different types of headaches, it can often be difficult to understand the underlying cause of the pain. There are four types of primary headaches that many people experience:


  • Migraines
  • Tension-type Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Other Primary Headaches


Secondary causes of headaches will often include head or neck trauma and injuries, stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, and vascular malformations. While secondary causes are more extreme and affect your life in more than one way, primary headaches are ones you might often experience.


Headaches commonly occur due to hundreds of different triggers. However, there are some factors that might put a person at a higher risk of experiencing headaches. For instance, as we stated previously, women are three times more likely than men to develop migraine headaches—three times as many! Now that is a lot. Teenagers and adults who are obese, smoke, and perform little exercise are also significantly more likely to experience migraines than those without all three lifestyle factors.



Diagnosing headaches is important in finding the right treatment. While most people will self-diagnose themselves, we’re here to help you with a proper diagnosis.


Depending on the type of headache, each treatment option might be different. We work with your physicians to help provide the best treatment for each case. Accurate diagnosis of frequent or recurring headaches is critical to finding relief when symptoms occur. It also helps to establish both a short-term and long-term treatment plan.


A headache might also be a symptom of an underlying health problem that requires further medical attention.


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