The Aftermath Of Sleep Deprivation

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How Long Should You Actually Be Sleeping?

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Four exercises to help with TMJ flare-ups

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3 Ways Sleep Can Help Fight Back Against Colds

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The Importance Of Using A Morning Reposition During Dental Sleep Therapy.

For patients (and their spouses) who struggle with sleep apnea or snoring, mandible advancement devices that shift the jaw forward during sleep can make a major difference in sleep quality. [...]

Stress, Posture, and TMJ

While there are many factors that contribute to TMJ, two of the most common are actually preventable: stress and posture. Your jaw is designed like a mechanical hinge. “The [...]

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Expensive and Painful After Effects of Tooth Grinding

It’s midday, you’re at work, and you’re experiencing some major pain in your head and jaws. Pain killers are a temporary fix, but they wear off, distracting you from your work and maybe even [...]