Migraines Around The Holidays

With beautiful decorations everywhere, travel plans, last minute shopping and lots of events going on, we need not announce that the holiday season is here as we can all feel the aura of the [...]

Neuropathic Pain Treatment

If you’ve suffered from facial neuropathies, there’s still hope for effective pain treatment! Read on for more details. Neuropathic Pain: Therapy and Treatment Though the cause of [...]

Three Types of Headaches, Explained

With headaches, it can be difficult to know what the root cause of your pain is. So here are three types of primary headaches that many suffer from. Migraines Many people suffer from migraines [...]

Stress, Posture, and TMJ

While there are many factors that contribute to TMJ, two of the most common are actually preventable: stress and posture. Your jaw is designed like a mechanical hinge. “The [...]

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