The Link Between Anxiety, Depression, and TMJ

Along with rising incidents of anxiety and depression in the United States, dentists have also reported an increase in the number of cases of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This begs the [...]

The Relationship Between Anxiety & Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) represents a common disorder that can cause serious pain and sometimes even permanently damage a person’s teeth and jaw. According to studies, there is a [...]

The Importance Of Using A Morning Reposition During Dental Sleep Therapy.

For patients (and their spouses) who struggle with sleep apnea or snoring, mandible advancement devices such as morning repositioners that shift the jaw forward during sleep can make a major [...]

Headaches & Migraines – How To Tell The Difference

Suffering from headaches on a regular basis is an unpleasant experience in all cases. When these events are severe or recurring, one question people ask themselves is whether it’s a [...]

Four exercises to help with TMJ flare-ups

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are responsible for opening, closing and moving your jaw. Due to the fact that they are under a lot of pressure from motions involved with chewing and talking, [...]

Is Your Sleeping Position Making Your TMJ Disorder Worse?

Sleeping Position If you’re dealing with temporomandibular joint disorder(TMJ), you’ll be all too aware of how much your jaw can hurt after a night spent clenching your jaw and [...]

The Negative Impacts of Grinding Your Teeth At Night

Some people have weird habits that become part of their normal routine, even though they don’t do them consciously. Among those habits, one unusual habit is to grind your teeth while you sleep. [...]

Halloween Candies to Avoid with TMJ

Halloween comes with a whirlwind of exciting activities. Groovy costumes, fun decorations, and of course, scrumptious Halloween candies. Halloween is impossible without its candies. [...]

Dystonia – What is it and how is it treated?

Learn more about a little-known disease that is often linked to TMJ issues. What is Dystonia? According to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, “Dystonia is a neurological disorder that [...]

5 TMJ Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of

TMJ can affect anybody. So here are a few TMJ symptoms you can be on the lookout for. 1. Widespread Pain TMJ has been known to cause the entire face and neck area to feel tender. Eye, cheekbone, [...]

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