How Will I Know If I Need to Have a Sleep Study?

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How Will I Know If I Need to Have a Sleep Study?

Sleep Studies

Everyone loves to get a good night of sleep, but if this is not your reality, it’s time to take action. High-quality sleep is important to good health and if you are struggling in this area of your life, it’s time to look into getting some help. There are a number of different ways to know if you need to have a sleep study. These studies are an effective way for you to learn more about the cause and possible cures for your sleep problems.

Are You In Need of a Sleep Study?

The first step in overcoming sleep problems is to consult your doctor. Your primary care physician may be able to work with you to alleviate your sleep issues, or they may refer you to a sleep specialist. Prior to directing a sleep study, they may attempt a few different first steps. Typically, these will include keeping a sleep diary and making some changes to your daily routine. If these measures don’t lead to the desired outcome, a sleep study may be ordered.

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People who experience insomnia, interrupted sleep, or non-REM sleep will likely benefit from a sleep study. Narcolepsy, sleepwalking, and sleep eating are also signs that you may benefit from a comprehensive sleep study. It is detrimental for the human body to go without quality sleep for any length of time. Your doctor will review your symptoms and determine if undergoing a sleep study would be beneficial to your case.

Sleep studies can also determine if you have a condition such as sleep apnea, or are suffering from obstructed breathing. These two conditions can lead to more serious health problems if not dealt with quickly and effectively. Sleep continuity is essential for a healthy and happy life. Without good, restorative sleep, your waking hours can be affected in a negative manner.

Anyone who is experiencing heart palpitations or seizures in their sleep should absolutely undergo a sleep study. These conditions must be diagnosed and treated with a swiftness! Don’t think that serious problems can be overlooked if they only happen intermittently. One occurrence of either of these conditions is enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. Excessive snoring and sleeptalking are two other symptoms that may be signs of more serious underlying conditions and should be checked out.

Prior to your sleep study, your doctor will review your complete medical history and go over any drugs or medications that you may be taking. This comprehensive review of your overall health and well-being can provide a lot of insight into what may be behind your sleep issues. Be sure to be completely forthright in this review, and don’t forget to include any vitamins, supplements, or natural herbs that you may also be taking.

Sleep studies are an effective way to diagnose and treat sleep issues. If your lack of quality sleep is taking a toll on your overall health, it’s time to speak with your doctor or medical professional about undergoing a sleep study.