How Your Sleep Position Affects Your Overall Health

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How Your Sleep Position Affects Your Overall Health

You may be surprised to learn how your sleep position can affect your health. Did you know that by adjusting this position, you can increase your likelihood of a better night of sleep and improved health? Doctors are focusing a lot more on the quantity and quality of sleep that their patients get as it carries such an impact on overall health. If you aren’t sleeping as well as you need to be, it might be time to readjust your sleep position.


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The optimal sleep position will differ from person to person, but some positions are better than others. One of the best positions is lying on your back with your hands by your side. Yoga enthusiasts may recognize this as Savasana. Adding a pillow beneath your knees will help to prevent an achy lower back if you suffer from that affliction. This position helps you to get the restorative rest that you need and will help you avoid wrinkles too! 

Side sleeping is great for chronic snorers or those who suffer from sleep apnea. One adjustment that you may want to make if you sleep on your side is placing a pillow between your knees. A silk or satin pillowcase is another thing that side sleepers like to use to minimize sleep lines and wrinkles.

Ultimately, the best sleep position is the one that lets you get a great night of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!


Some positions are better than others, especially if you have ailments such as sleep apnea or back problems. If you have aches in your back, neck, or shoulders, a well-placed pillow can help to alleviate that pressure. We recommend that you find the position that is most comfortable and enables you to get the uninterrupted sleep you need. Getting a full night of sleep consistently is vital for robust health and wellbeing.

If you are a side-sleeper, try to limit the amount of time that you sleep on your right side as this can put internal pressure on your organs. Sleeping on your stomach may feel comforting, but it can be less than ideal for your breathing, your internal organs, and your back. Try alternating to another position every one or two nights to relieve some of the pressure sleeping on your stomach can cause.

The bottom line is that consistently good sleep is an essential component of health. Finding a sleep position that gives you a restorative night of sleep is more important than forcing yourself to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles!

If you are concerned about the quantity or quality of sleep that you are getting, a new position may help. Speak with your doctor if you are having recurring issues attaining restful and restorative sleep regularly. Sleep is essential for overall good health, and your doctor can help you find some solutions.