10 Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

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10 Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

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Better Sleep

According to research, over a third of American adults sleep less than 6 hours a night. That’s a pity because getting a good night’s sleep provides a wide range of benefits for us, including better heart health, better memory, less stress, and improved weight loss. If you’re having trouble sleeping, here are 10 different things you can do to have better sleep!

1. Have a Sleep Routine

Sleeping until noon on weekends and days off can be incredibly tempting, but remember that your biological clock doesn’t have days off. Follow your sleep routine even on weekends, days off, holidays, etc. Otherwise, you’ll throw your internal clock off balance and you won’t be able to catch your valuable Zs.

2. Create the Habit of Exercise

If you make exercise a part of your weekly routine, your sleep quality will improve tremendously. Research recommend aerobic exercise at least four times a week. Just make sure that your workouts don’t occur right before bed, otherwise you’ll be too pumped to sleep.

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3. Improve Your Diet

If you drink too many caffeinated or sugary drinks and you’re used to eating sweets after 4 PM, you need to change that ASAP. Dinner should be your lightest meal, so no spicy or heavy foods, and you shouldn’t drink or eat stimulants after a certain time of the day.

4. No Smoking

Researchers have found that smokers are four times more likely to not feel well-rested after a night’s sleep. This might be because nicotine has a stimulating effect and your body essentially goes into withdrawal while you’re sleeping. This is yet another reason to quit smoking.

5. No Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol will wreck your sleep patterns. So if you think a glass of wine might help you take the edge off, think again. You might feel drowsy after a drink, but when the alcohol wears off, it will be difficult for you to go to sleep.

6. No Electronics

People who use electronics within an hour before bed are less likely to get a good night’s sleep. That’s because the light from electronic devices is a stimulant, making it harder for your brain to shut down for the day. Turn off your electronics an hour before bed and focus on your rest.

7. Have Enough Space on Your Bed

If you sleep with pets or children, you need to find them their own sleeping space as soon as you can. Keep them out of your bed and make a space for yourself. Pets and children are the worst sleepers and they will disrupt your sleep as well, so don’t allow it.

8. Keep Your Room Temperate

A temperate room will allow you to sleep a lot better at night. The recommended temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit because it will help you reduce core temperature, which will help you go to sleep faster and more deeply.

9. Lights Out

Light tells your brain it’s daytime, so if you make your room as dark as possible, you will be able to sleep faster and better. Make sure all the lights are out and there’s nothing disrupting the dark.

10. Beds Are For Sleeping In

Your bed should only be associated with sleeping, so don’t do anything else in your bed. Apart from sex, you shouldn’t use your bed for anything other than sleeping. No eating, working, playing, drinking, or anything else in bed!

Sleep is a wonderful thing; if you get a good night’s sleep every day, you will not only feel better, you’ll also look and function better. Put these habits into practice and you’ll notice the difference!