The Scary Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

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The Scary Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

America is a hardworking country but studies reveal that around 35% of Americans are not getting enough sleep at night. Depression, lack of concentration, and general fatigue are just a few side effects of not getting enough sleep. Keep reading to find out what dangers lurk behind those sleep-deprived eyes.

Sleeplessness Can Make You Depressed

The most common sleep disorder is insomnia; in a 2017 study, most people with insomnia were more likely to develop depression compared to those without. Regardless of insomnia or not, lack of sleep is shown to dramatically decrease positive moods and promote negative moods such as anger, irritability, and sadness. If depression is a cause for your insomnia, talk to your doctor and figure out a plan that might work for you.

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You May Become Forgetful

If you aren’t catching good z’s, you may also be dropping things. A lack of rest contributes to forgetfulness, the inability to concentrate, and your mind just won’t be as sharp as it normally is.

More Prone To Accidents

A lack of rest is a huge contributor to a lack of focus. This can lead to sleeping at the wheel and may cause negligent acts, which can be detrimental to you and a wide range of people that you work with.

You May Have More Health Problems

We’ve listed minor side effects of sleep debt, but it’s important to know that lack of sleep can cause dangerous health problems in the future, if not diagnosed and properly treated. To avoid heart problems, stroke, or diabetes, it’s important to take care of sleep issues now rather than later.

Trust Experts to Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track

Just like 35% of America, you might not be sleeping like you need to. Don’t fret! The experts at TMJ and Sleep Solutions are here to help you diagnose and treat any sleep disorders. Contact us today, so you can sleep better tomorrow.