The Negative Impacts of Grinding Your Teeth At Night

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The Negative Impacts of Grinding Your Teeth At Night

Some people have weird habits that become part of their normal routine, even though they don’t do them consciously. Among those habits, one unusual habit is to grind your teeth while you sleep. This “habit” is actually a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism has negative impacts on a person’s health, which we will discuss further into the article. Keep reading to find out the negative impacts of nocturnal teeth grinding.

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Bruxism Makes Your Teeth Vulnerable

The grinding of your teeth can actually make your teeth prone to weakness and decay. Constant grinding misaligns your teeth since friction produced through grinding weakens and depletes the teeth. Another negative effect of jaw grinding is cavities. If your teeth are constantly ground down at night, you create pockets where tooth decay can occur.

Bruxism Results In a Lack of Sleep

Bruxism deprives you of sleep because of the multiple effects mentioned above. The lack of sleep is obvious as the act of grinding your jaw, because of bruxism, is extremely disturbing. The irritating phenomenon distracts your body while you sleep.
Your mind and your body get constantly disturbed through constant activity as a result of bruxism. You get exhausted even after having rest and lying down in bed for hours because you actually don’t get a chance to rest peacefully. Relax your body with all the comfort and remain calm, with no movements.

Constant Grinding Can Cause TMD

Those who have Bruxism have the greatest risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Your temporomandibular joint is basically a hinge that moves your jaw up and down, right and left. The stress and the resultant pressure caused by grinding your teeth imposes stress on the hinge joint of the jaw. This eventually leads to TMD. The symptoms of TMD are earaches, facial pain, dislocation of
the jaw, headaches, and popping sounds during jaw movement. The pain and tenderness due to TMD can also migrate to the neck and shoulders.

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