Holiday Sleeping Tips to Prevent You from Turning into a Grinch

girl sleeping near Christmas tree with teddy bear

Holiday Sleeping Tips to Prevent You from Turning into a Grinch

Sleep During the Holidays

Holidays can be the best time of the year, filled with such amazing things but they also have a tendency to be extremely stressful if you haven’t planned them out. These are some ways to keep your holidays from looking like a total nightmare!

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  • Planning out your holidays beforehand

Holidays are bound to be stressful with all the shopping one must do to prepare for the big day. A big factor in the stress is the last minute shopping. Running around the town, trying to find the perfect turkey or Christmas tree can be the most nerve-wracking experience. To make sure this doesn’t mess with your sleep cycle, be sure to make a list of things you’ll need beforehand and get a head start on organizing your holiday season.

  • Avoid overworking yourself

We often forget that holidays are joyous occasions that should be celebrated in the company of our loved ones. Overtaxing yourself leads to a very bad time and a grumpy holiday, so in order to solve this, you should always ask friends and family members to help out while you host a party. Ask the guests to bring a dish of their own or come early to help with decorations.

  • Never forget to exercise

One of the best ways to keep your lifestyle healthy is through exercise. It helps in every way and assists you in avoiding those long, sleepy nights when you are extremely tired but can’t mange to close those eyes. Exercise will keep your mind sharp, your body in shape and your stress will be reduced by a great amount. During holidays, plan out your activities in such a way that your daily exercise routine isn’t disturbed.

As difficult as this is, given that the food is a holiday season’s highlight, not overdoing the snacks can help immensely. If you end up eating too much (especially before sleeping) your body can have a really hard time processing it while you sleep which can lead to distress.

  • Easy on the alcohol

Alcohol might seem like it’s great for sleeping but in reality it decreases the quality of your sleep and doesn’t let you get enough REM sleep, which is when your body actually rests. Beware of the temptations and you should be set!

This is very important, as many of us believe that holidays mean staying up all night in celebrations and we end up more stressed out than before. It is always a good idea to relax your body during holiday season and an ideal way of doing that is maintaining your regular sleep schedule.

  • Limit your use of technology

It’s always a good idea to spend your holidays without the use of technology and with your loved ones. Absence of technology even helps you get good sleep; so good that you don’t even hear someone snoring in the bed besides you.

  • Take naps

This is a pretty efficient method to keep you charged for holidays. It’s been scientifically proven that taking naps throughout the day is something that your body requires, and this keeps you energized for a longer period of time.